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The following process will apply to all candidates applying for membership.

Candidates wishing to join Glenearn Golf Club must be full golf members at Gleneagles.

Candidates for admission to membership should be nominated by two Ordinary Members of the Club who are preferred to have at least three years standing. Persons nominated for membership must be personally known to the proposer and seconder.

If the three years standing criteria is not met by at least one of the nominating Members or the candidate does not have a proposer, then at least two Members of the Committee are expected to play a round of golf with the prospective member and to request evidence of their suitability for membership before progressing the application. Such evidence shall include a minimum of two references from previous golf clubs and/or employers and/or other suitable referees

Details of any prospective new members shall be posted on the club’s website and any member wishing to object to a proposed new member should intimate this in writing to the Secretary within twenty-eight days clearly stating the reason for objection.

All elections to membership shall be by the committee and they shall be by ballot, two adverse votes to exclude. On the election of a new member, the Secretary shall forthwith give him notice in writing, provide him with a copy of the Constitution and Rules and request him to pay his entry money and annual subscription. The entry fee will always be equal to the annual subscription.

The current annual subscription and entry fees are £80.00 therefore £160.00 in total. Such member shall not be entitled to the privileges of the Club until payment has been made.

Full Members must at all times be full golf members of Gleneagles Hotel. In the event of a full member ceasing to be a member of Gleneagles golf, his membership of the Club will automatically lapse unless his membership is suspended under clause 3.9 of the Constitution.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Glenearn Golf Club please complete the following form.

Once we have received your form the Club Secreatary will be in touch to discuss your membership.

Thank you for your interest in Glenearn Golf Club.